Policing in the modern day….

I decided to join the modern world and head in to ‘cyberspace’ this week by joining twitter. I hear of so many complaints about Facebook, she said, he said, and often coming in to the police station expecting us to just whip out a laptop and zap the offending articles from the timeline, or having to speak to staff about what is right or relevant to put on these ‘social networking’ sites, I felt it was time to join the modern age.

Now it appears to me that most of my staff deal with issues on line mostly round the teen to early twenties mark, however, I have known it to be anywhere up to people in their sixties too.

In the ‘old days’ we didn’t have these things to deal with, it would be the odd ‘sexy phonecall’ or ‘heavy breathing’ or the odd ‘obsenities’ to deal with and a quick form and it would all be dealt with, but now colleagues are having to fill in Charter forms and decide jut how much of an impact this will have, public interest, immunity, and then wait for answers to come back.  Now RIPA is fine, but i do think we have made things very difficult for ourselves, and the public know so much about their ‘Human Rights’ – but please, sometimes have we lost the ‘Common Sense Act’ ?

So you get a nasty comment on Facebook? Delete it, change your settings! You get a horrible text? Change your number – seriously, is it really that difficult?

I think that society is losing the common sense element of the brain sometimes and we have become the port of call instead of them thinking it through as to what is the best course of action.

My staff have so much other work to be doing, and I think it is about time we start getting people to think for themselves again.  Rational thinking does wonders for the brain.

Think of the time and money we would save if people used common sense?  Perhaps we should introduce the ‘common sense act 2012’ whereby those that don’t, get reported and have to go on a course, or have to do some volunteer work to help others, or even a fine, I am not really fussed , but what I do want is then a change in people’s attitudes to think a bit outside of the police box and not call as soon as someone says they don’t like them, or perhaps a dedicated ‘common sense hotline’ where they have to ring a premium number to get people to tell them straight.  A call centre of ‘common sense’?

Who knows what will follow on from Facebook or twitter nasties, but in this day and age just accept that just because you have 3000 friends on Facebook, they aren’t all going to like you and if you can’t accept it, block it and move on they I would suggest you need to switch the damn thing off and jog on and get a life.


One Response to “Policing in the modern day….”
  1. emma barnes says:

    Your right about people not thinking it through. During the snow we had somone ring in to report criminal damage to their snow man? They hadn’t considered it might eventually melt,! More worryingly our contact centre started to crime it until someone pointed out the error. Even then forms were filled for Anti social behaviour.

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