Impossible targets…… Makes you sick.

I have to attend an ASM meeting this week. The poor individual has had 16 surgeries and is now back on patrol frontline and working full time, but due to a computer programme, has to have an ASM because their head has gone above the parapet and is being shot at by HR and the powers that be.
I took over as their manager, the one before had set a pretty impossible task of not being off sick for 6 months,which was then dropped to four, but even that, for someone who hasn’t gone through that could find it difficult, especially through the winter although they have bust a gut to get back up and running, they have to attend to see what we can do to make them not be off sick.

This is impossible. Absolute ridiculous.

So what to do? I think the only way possible is to be positive, support them as much as we can, and tell HR to poke their figures and computer where it doesn’t shine, is it their fault though?

I think it isn’t their fault either, I think they forget that we have names and are not just a number. They do seem to forget, and there certainly isn’t any emotion or personal interaction, if our heads pop up, the alarm gets set off.

I will remember at the meeting that they are human, they do have feelings and that I am better than a computer setting off an alarm, I am able to remember that they have struggled to return, they are working full time on patrol and have worked twice as hard as those who are not ‘disabled’, and that I have not swallowed the corporate pill quite yet to remember what we all joined for.

What do YOU think?

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