Winsor, what are you doing to us?

So the Winsor report with the recommendations are out. Deep joy.
I was sat stunned at most of it, and I know they are only recommendations, and they won’t take them all, but still?
They will make it all pink and fluffy for us all and say ‘look how good we have been to you by only taking these recommendations’, but we will know we have been royally shafted.

I have images of sixty year old men and women having done 20+ years doing a fitness test, in fact I would like to see some of the higher ranks do it to be fair, as long as it applies right up to Chief Constable, with their bellies and moobs bouncing up and down.
It’s bad enough that I know PC’s who have never passed a fitness test but somehow managed to still carry on, so it may sort out the wheat from the chaff, but seriously, what will it achieve.

I also think there may have to be an issue of tripod walking sticks, police issue of course, which will take the place of the baton, so those who have to shuffle along on duty until they are sixty can use it as both baton and walking stick as they chase after the hoodies.

I do think Winsor needs to go out on patrol for a week or so, not a ‘patrol’ with people licking round him, picking out senior ranks who have swallowed the corporate pill, but those who are there day in and day out to see what really goes on, would his opinion change? I don’t know, but I would like to think he had more empathy with those ‘on the ground’.

So what can we do? Absolutely nothing, we have to take it on the chin and have to work harder for less money, more pro activity and if you don’t have a great PDR then chances you will lose a percentage of your wages.
So those, a little like me, need to get the trainers on, start to work out a bit more, not sit on our laurels but just be mindful that we are never indispensable and that they could, if they wanted, say ‘Bye bye’ just because you can’t keep up with the young uns!

Stay safe

One Response to “Winsor, what are you doing to us?”
  1. Comeragh says:

    I wonder if this will actually happen for those who are in Ivory Towers or will there be a get out clause somewhere, you can just see the post injuries claim from being forced to take a test or the sickness levels increasing from exercise based injuries or am I on the wrong track?

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