When things just go from bad to worse…

Tonight is the last shift before rest days and I will be so glad to be home before it all goes round again.
I love my job. I really do. I joined to help people and I still work on the ethic of

treat people how you would want to be treated

It makes sense. Think about it. Put yourself in the others shoes.

The Winsor report has done nothing to officers but bring the morale down even more than it should. I am sure if he was a serving officer he would understand more about what we are about.

We work shifts and so we don’t get much downtime in between with friends and family and so it can be quite an unsociable career in some respects, on the other hand it can be sociable with the people you work with. Don’t get me wrong, there are some you wouldn’t pee on if they were on fire, others are colleagues and others are friends, but at the end of the day we work as a team.

The Winsor report is going to make it so much harder to be who we want to be.
We would all love to be tip top fit, and some manage it, others don’t have the adequate down time to themselves to do the fitness, so are the job going to give ‘downtime’ to do training as they have in the armed forces and fire service? I think fitness is paramount for front line policing especially in this day and age, but by decreasing the amount we take home will cause a deficit for bills and less money to belong to a gym or a club.

We all talk of the publics human rights but where are ours to have the time and ability to do these things?

The police seem quite focused, as they should on human rights for the public, but it comes to light that we don’t always practice what we preach.
An example is where officers have had to sit on a seal for a crime, and it stays on for sometime, but there are no facilities for the officers made open to them. We are talking about the very basics of having no where to go to the toilet, or to heat up a meal or to even stretch their legs. Female officers have been advised to buy a ‘shewee’ in order to save embarrassment rather than the usual, but what if it was a different call of nature? What then? Are we supposed to tell officers to find a bush for that?! Surely not! If a seal is put on and facilities are not there then surely a ‘portaloo’ of some description should be made available? If we did that to the general public there would be outcry.

We have had our social clubs, canteens and gym equipment taken away and yet they want us to be looking after ourselves better. I know a lot of officers who suffer with IBS and IBD due to the inability to be able to keep to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Keeping us in the service until we are sixty isn’t going to help.

Then there are officer numbers.
It has been known that the goalposts often get changed when it suits, for example, a student officer when tutored will not be counted unless push comes to shove and minimal staffing becomes an issue, therefore you are left with perhaps two officers for the whole shift, one of which may only be in their first day or week. How is that fair on both the public or staff?

I will reiterate that I do love my career and the opinions that I write are only mine and no reflection of my employers but I ask of you- The majority of us work very hard under very hard circumstances- it may be a fatal RTC, a sudden death, a domestic, or public order that we have to attend- we treat people with the respect that they deserve so we are only asking that you put yourselves in our shoes and think ‘how would we want to be treated?’

It just seems to be going from bad to worse………

One Response to “When things just go from bad to worse…”
  1. old_chap says:

    Average civilian has no idea what police work entails. The stress, confrontations & things which are not ‘nice’. Therefore they have little sympathy; they have their own problems to deal with. Maybe the police need a union – their existing federations etc. seem to lack political nous. That would certainly chime with the public.

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