Now we’re petrol pump attendants – what next?

So in the current crisis there appears to be there are going to be tanker strikes. So everyone is now, due to media frenzy, trying to fill up their tanks before it all runs out. Great.
So now we are using Police officers to stand as petrol attendants and petrol security. Great. So no longer do we have to pick up pieces of our local area, but now we have to do crowd control for petrol stations.

We are in a unique career in that we are several people in one uniform, teacher, social worker, doctor, nurse, counsellor, cleaner, coroner, friend, you name it, that’s what we are, but there has to be a point when we say- ‘Enough is enough’.
We get called to incidents because ‘someone stared at me funny’ or ‘my daughter was meant to be back at 8.30 and she’s not home’ etc, you name it, instead of people sorting out their own issues, they call us and sit back knowing its out of their hands so we have to do it. So why not- add security at petrol stations as well, I mean we have police officers coming out of our ears who having nothing else to do? No, we are struggling as it is with minimal staff, likely to get smaller, and likely to be spreading ourselves more thinly than we ever have.

For new student officers they have come in at such a bad time, as officers are feeling so down about what is going on, the students will be feeling the negative impact of the Winsor recommendations and officers having to lose money and stretch their cash further than ever before.

There are people who think police get great money and we have a great life, but do they fully understand what we do and what we go through.
They don’t have a clue.

So just keep adding more pressure and more work for nothing our way and we’ll do it, we might not like it, but we do it.

Officers are at their lowest ebb, and this is shown by officers now in talks with the federation about the ability of being able to strike.
If the police are given the right, and we do, what will happen? It will be complete turmoil. Chaos.
People won’t be able to ring up and say ‘I have been stared at I need the police’ -Nope you won’t.

So just hope we don’t get the right to strike- and maybe now is the time you may have to look after us a little bit more rather than pushing us down even further.

Just a thought.

‘is that diesel of unleaded sir?’

One Response to “Now we’re petrol pump attendants – what next?”
  1. Flic says:

    Brilliantly put. I never thought I would be willing to strike in this job but I now am. We pick up all the crap nobody else is willing to take responsibility for. Our lives end up revolving around our job to such an extent that you feel you have little or no life outside the job but still our pay and conditions are attacked.

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