The #antiwinsornetwork –

My title, for those who do not realise is for those who ‘tweet’. The hash tag can be a very powerful tool. This we used to our advantage last Friday to get #antiwinsornetwork up and running and trending near the top in the UK, so it proves that tweeting can work en mass to get the message across. Of course as its ‘Winsor’ who is doing the report we name it after him of course, but let’s not forget Theresa May who supports the report as well as the other members of the government. Only just now does Jenny Jones on the BBC talk about getting officers from behind a desk and back out on the street- does she really know what we do? Very unlikely.

I have officers who are now having to justify their working existence by not only having to stay on extra hours, but now, having put the claim form through a supervisor, have to attach a copy of their PNB to show that what they have claimed for is correct. You might as well say ‘you are a liar, and so is your supervisor’ as that’s how it seems to the officers concerned.

Goodwill iswas readily available, and despite the inconvenience of cancelled rest days, extra hours, precious time away from their families, officers were willing to give up their time. We all know that money does become a factor, as we all want what is best for our families, however, that is going to go down the toilet along with the used copies (cut into squares) of the Winsor report.
I have already had officers tell me that they will not answer any out of hours calls, be willing to stay on, or come in on rest days now the new system is in place. I couldn’t agree more.
When will the government learn that so much of this job balances on hard work and goodwill, and yet they seem more content with paying people who don’t work, more money than officers get in some instances.
A prime example: a female on our patch has three kids (3 different dads), no support from the fathers financially, receiving all her benefits, gets £2000 a month, and to cap it all, when her television got broken by her youngest child ‘by accident’, she had to report it to us so social services could replace it with a new one as they classed it as an ‘essential item’ for her.
Now I don’t know about you but if I broke my television and rang up for a replacement, I think I know where I would be told to go. Since when has watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ been an essential item. Next you’ll be telling me that we give offenders coming out of prison gym passes, mobiles, food parcels and lifts to appointments – ooooppps we already do!

This country has gone completely bonkers if they think that they are more willing to pay someone not working more than a Police Officer who potentially puts themselves at risk every day needs their heads testing. State benefit should be minimal and encouraging those who don’t work to get off their derrières and get grafting.
Another example, a male, just out of prison, gets a job with the council, he is really looking forward to his first job, because of his contract his benefits are gone and so he loses money by getting a job rather than him sitting around daily, committing crime and putting zilch back in to his community or country. Ridiculous.

So for all those who support your police, please get yourself on twitter and show your support to your police. Trust me if we were allowed industrial action, even for a day, this country would be on its knees. Trouble is, we would then have to shovel up the pieces the next day, double the work, less pay.

So with that in mind, please retweet this blog, use the hash tag #antiwinsornetwork and add the attached picture to your profile. Retweet, retweet and retweet and show these idiots we are not going down without a fight.


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