The ‘Queens’ half hour

The old Queens half – should we still be giving a half hour of work for nothing each is now so dated it needs to be scrapped.
Where we start a shift all of my team come in half an hour before to make sure they are ready to take any emergencies coming in so the team before can get off. Of course each team is different and some teams don’t and come in late, but I am impressed that my team are willing to come in.
So why is it that they have to lose the first half hour if they are off late if it is ‘spontanious’ and they are having to put a handover together?

It means in effect they lose an hour because they come in early.
The time does add up. I know myself having been late off by a couple of hours each shift that it does add up, and when you look at it over a month they will often have up to 48 hours (sometimes more) overtime, of which they would lose 12 hours of the ‘Queens half hour’ which of course doesn’t include the 12 hours ‘free time’ they have given coming in early.

What other jobs would do this? I cannot think of any other public sector working that takes this half hour and considering we are losing money with the current climate and the Winsor report, it seems very unfair. At least they could scrap the half hour so officers can make up some money.

I often find that officers are left dealing with paperwork after shifts, and again my officers all help each other out to make sure no one is left for hours doing it on their own, however on a Bank Holiday shift it seems that unless they have vital ‘have to be done’ paperwork that we aren’t able to authorise the overtime as its not cost effective. As we also have minimum cover on Bank Holidays it makes it far more frustrating. It puts pressure on officers to get it done, this is where mistakes can be made or not done as well as normal because they have to rush to get it done.

So instead of cutting wages and increasing pension contributions they should be looking at things like the ‘queens half hour’ and seeing just how many hours we give up to do our careers. I don’t think anyone else would put up with it so why do you think we should.

Answers on a postcard please………


3 Responses to “The ‘Queens’ half hour”
  1. Alan (@alanw47) says:

    I don’t know if it’s changed, but I always it found it perverse that Unplanned Overtime meant losing the first half hour and Planned Overtime was paid in full. It is the Unplanned Overtime that causes the greatest grief and inconvenience and should, in my humble opinion, be recompensed in full, with Planned Overtime suffering the loss of the first half hour. Having said that I don’t actually agree with losing the first half hour of ANY overtime, if you’ve worked it you should be paid for it. Another cynical scheme to cut costs

  2. David Woods says:

    Reblogged this on thinnerblueline.

  3. PC ******** says:

    anyone going in half an hour early after the way we’ve been treated should be certified and deserves all they get.I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid!!

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