10th May 2012- the show of solidarity

As I am out ‘Mooching’ about on this cold dark night, rain lashing down, I was thinking about the solidarity of the officers, some of whom will be leaving shortly, coming down to London for the March against the government and the implementation of the Winsor report, an alleged ‘independent’ report which was a speech made by Cameron back in 2006.
As the government can’t even determine ‘front line’ policing, and do not have a clue what we do, what is the justification of trying to cut officer numbers? I do not, and will never understand it.
I will be there after my night shift standing shoulder to shoulder with officers who have travelled far and wide to show the Government that we will stand up and be counted and will not give up without a fight.
I do hope that there will be ACPO ranks there, remembering their roots, to show that this ‘reform’ is totally not acceptable.

As the night goes on, it’s now the early hours and thousands of officers are travelling to London from all over the country to show their complete dissatisfaction, I am proud to be one of them, to protest at the awful way we are being treated.
There will be those who say we don’t deserve more money or benefits, but those people do not have a clue what we do and how we put ourselves on the line for others and often to the detriment of our selves.

I wish everyone a safe journey and look forward to standing proud to say to the Government that we are worth a lot more than they realise.

Be safe.


One Response to “10th May 2012- the show of solidarity”
  1. David Woods says:

    Reblogged this on thinnerblueline and commented:
    Just bee reading this as I pack my rucksac and prepare to jump on a coach in a lst ditch attempt to keep the Queens Peace, that the Govt are working to destroy for Profit

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