We did good…..

We stood shoulder to shoulder and some came hundreds of miles leaving in the early hours.

It was a very successful day and everyone went home proud.

I was surprised at the lack of coverage on the news though. 35,000 people descending on the Capital to show we will not lay down and be walked over.

The point wasn’t about just our pensions and wages, it is about being able to provide a service for our communities and we wanted people to know we were standing up for them as well as ourselves.

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3 Responses to “We did good…..”
  1. David Woods says:

    Reblogged this on thinnerblueline.

  2. As I’ve said on my own blog and on Twitter, everyone who marched in London can stand tall, stand proud, we have all been counted, we #HeldTheLine !

    I’ve just uploaded video of the (minimal) coverage from BBC News and the much lengthier interview with ex bobby and now author Mike Pannett to my site ma’am if you want to relink it on to yours – http://wp.me/p2cU66-fx

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