Blues and Twos… You what?!

Grade A ….Domestic…. Given location….. On route

It’s busy on the road and having been called to a domestic to back up my officer as no one else about…..

Knock on the door. Here’s the conversation:

Me :Hi, you called us?

MOP: Well Yes I did

Me: Why?

MOP: because my ex partner came

Me: have they gone? did you speak?

MOP: no, they knocked on the door, looked through the window and then left.

Me: so you rang after your ex
had gone.

MOP: yes.

Me: Great. Well I’ll take your details. Today we have responded as an emergency with two vehicles with their blue light on and sirens

MOP: did you?

Me: yes, and this wasn’t an
Emergency exactly was it? She
Knocked on the door, you didn’t answer so she left right?

MOP yes she did – so did you come with the Lights and sirens?

Me: yes- we did. IF there is a next time use the non emergency number ok?

MOP: oh right yeah, that one.

Me: unless she is trying to break in and it’s an emergency but don’t hit your pendant alarm if she’s only tapped on the door and left so you understand?
MOP: we’ll I called the police as my warden told me too.

Me: thinks…… So if she asked you to jump off a cliff? *shakes head*

We leave the property, it’s
Now raining hard and have Indigestion because his Ex partner Knocked on the door ?! the indigestion was a croissant

Are we actually asking
Specific questions about the scene?


Next thing we know it we’ll be called out immediate response as someone’s remote isn’t working. You may
Mock and I Know because I have done

Please please just ask more questions so when we are going lights and
Sirens we don’t have to
Response drive to somewhere where a bulb needs fixing etc etc

If you need to call on the normal Phone then do – 999 calls are being taken from
People who have no credit, no
Real police emergencies but
We sent to them- we should be responding to genuine emergencies.

Please feel free


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