Police federation – speech by Theresa May

Having just seen the speech of Theresa May, I could see she was twitchy. She started off by naming officers we had lost last year, and some were saying ‘how dare she’ and ‘she has no right’.

She went on to explain about the 20% cuts in funding by the government and that we were the ‘Bedrock’ of the service, and that there will be no change in the warranted office of constable (albeit the 16,000 we have to lose), and she went on to say that those who are 40 and above with 10 years or less will be okay. What about the rest of us…..? So at 15 years service, I have to now work 20 years?
After she had finished there was no applause, well what did she expect?
Questions were asked, and feelings were made known, but there was no crack in her face showing any sympathy even though she was being told how it would affect us and the impact on us.

There was also the question of impartiality of Winsor, bearing in mind he has other interests. Imagine us, if we had a conflict of interest we would be be questions, but as he wasn’t there she could only repeat that he did do it impartially, and had an ex police officer to assist….. Yes an EX officer. She then said that he had been up & down the country speaking to officers. Where was that grand tour as we certainly didn’t see him- did you?

John Stapleton also assisted and helped clarify the questions and May was nervous in her tone.
There wasn’t enough time to get all the questions in, but she kept referring to ‘bedrock’ and we were the best police service in the world. ( is she still in the dinosaur age?)

Well if that is the case then why isn’t she doing more to protect us? Because its all about money, it’s all about government defecit in which we all now have to suffer the consequences.

I think the picture I have pretty much sums it up.

Now off,to get ready to go to work. I feel more depressed more than anything.

Stay strong my fellow colleagues, we will get there. Stay safe.

If you are on twitter please use the hash tag #noconfidenceintheresamay and #antiwinsorreport



One Response to “Police federation – speech by Theresa May”
  1. David Woods says:

    Reblogged this on thinnerblueline and commented:
    Notes from the Conference of the Police Federation I for one was choked and annoyed that Theresa May started her speech by naming officers who have died in service this year, especially when she got got one of the names wrong. it smacked of a purely political act.

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