Here here! McKeever 1v May 0

Having listened to Theresa May rattle on at the Police Federation Conference today I was boiling from the offset. She started off with our fallen colleagues, mispronouncing their names, and then went on about budget cuts and the current state of our economy blah blah blah, but she could not sorry, would not answer to any comments or questions put to her.

Paul McKeever gave it his all with the respect, passion and heart that we were all feeling since the ‘Independant’ report was done, and the feeling of solidarity during the march of officers in London.
He put his soul in to it and spoke for us all.

Why doesn’t she understand that what she, Cameron, Winsor et al are doing is criminal? How are we supposed to cope as a Police Force when they are hammering large chunks of it? Simple, if they do, it may just come crashing down until there is only a pile of rubble.

How can they justify that

being the best paid emergency service

makes it ok to cut the service budget by 20%? All they see is the figures in front of them and not seeing officers as real people.

We are a collective, but we are also individuals, we have families and communities who rely on us to go above and beyond any other, putting lives at risk for the sake of our citizens.
Shall we start looking at Mp’s earnings are, what their pensions are? No of course not.

She even had the audacity to say that they were going to give our Police convalescent homes money as support. These are charities that members pay in to and are paid for by us for the needs of officers who are ill, injured and incapacitated. Why are most of them in there in the first place? Because they put themselves at risk to help others.

May also stated that Tom Winsor had spoken to officers up and down the country. Really? Who? Because I certainly don’t know any that were interviewed by him, I haven’t seen any evidence that he came out on patrol with any ‘front line’ officers, and if he had, I would have liked to have thought he would have more if a clue.
May couldn’t wouldn’t even answer the question as to the links that Winsor has with contracts with private security firms taking over policing duties. McKeever asked everyone ‘who thinks the Winsor report was Independant? Put up your hand. he then pointed out that she hadn’t.
How dare she. I believe that she must know that no one has confidence in her abilities as Home Secretary, or that of Nick Herbert, policing minister. All the government has done is decided that in order to claw some money back in is to take from the very heart and soul of the United Kingdom.
How can they owe so much, but still bail out and lend money to other countries? Perhaps they need to start digging in to their own pensions and wages to help with the defecit.

May, Cameron, Clegg, Winsor and Herbert are being criminals. As was said today at the conference, Section 91 of the Police Act……a perfectly reasonable suggestion.

May skulked off the stage, having done nothing to help settle our fears and concerns, and had people shouting for her resignation. There is no confidence in Theresa May, or in fact any of them, as they have not given anything for us to feel confident about.

I am just hoping that the media now see the bigger picture, as well as the British Public, And recognise that we aren’t just happy with pay and conditions, but that we are fighting for their right to a safer and secure future for them too.

So thank you Mr McKeever and all the federation representatives who have put their hard work and dedication into fighting for what is essentially a fight for justice.



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