Police Privatisation – what happens when………?

I was mooching about on Public Order in the early hours of today, watching people spill out and wobble across the roads, so drunk they can hardly stand. My officers were due off at 5am and the rest at 7am.

It’s always a hard call whether to stand them down, and you know that if you do, something will kick off. Anyhow, it got me thinking which is often my downfall!

What would happen if we privatised this part of Policing?

Imagine the scene- customers plied with drink all night, then chucked out my door staff for being drunk, and then when they ‘kick off’ they normally call us. What if it was a privatised? Send security to deal? That’s if of course they hadn’t clocked off earlier. If they got there and the person was being violent and they could do no more than ‘ticket’ them, would they then call us next?

And what happens if when the government have privatised large chucks of our service and then they try and review the privatised sector – they will have industrial rights. Just how is that going to work?
There will be no giving up a free half hour, there will be no walking all over them because they will be able to do something about it, and if they did take industrial action, how do you think the officers who are left would actually manage and cope? 20% cuts, no back up, no support.

Winsor and the current Government are not seeing the bigger picture or the bigger downfall.
Shame on them. I wouldn’t mind but we will still be the ones digging us out of the ever bigger hole, and we all feel strong enough to work to get us out of it.


What do YOU think?

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