Tom Winsors HMIC application

Name: Tom Winsor

Education: Oxbridge

Social: Friends include Cameron, May, Herbert.

Job History: Train Service Wrecker; Police Service Wrecker.

Applying for: HMIC to keep a close eye on Police Services demise.

Salary : £195,000 with bonuses and excellent pension

Supporting Letter:

The independent reporter

After receiving a ‘wink wink’ phone call for the new HMIC post I don’t know who leaked my application. I would be in an advantageous position to keep a close eye on the Police Service, and would be able to keep a close eye on the implementation of the Winsor report and I would be available to implement any further budget cuts.

I would be the most suitable candidate as I am close friends with the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and the Policing Minister, and so I would be supported for any changes I would wish to make.

I am happy with the starting pay, although clearly I would like this to go up by 5% a year with an increase in pension.

I have no qualms in continuing the privatisation of the Police Service and supporting the Government and look forward to start my role having an interview very soon.

Yours Faithfully

Tom Winsor.

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