Life Jim, but not as know it

I was musing yesterday at the jobs we have had coming through in the last couple of days. My staff and I attended mostly ‘concern for safety’ jobs, actually no, all of them were.

What is it with people? I thought that there was still an element of community in some parts of my area, and seeing the flags and other tacky stuff it made me feel quite proud again. This soon changed and it was back to the dross.

The first was a male who had overdosed in the nearby park and was giving the ambulance a hard time and was being abusive and aggressive towards them. Let’s put this logically. He rings his mother and says ‘I have taken an overdose’ she calls ambulance who then call us- when they arrive he gives them abuse. When we arrive he is giving us abuse.
I tried with the nicey nicey talk and then I just reached a point, probably because it was starting to rain, that I then changed tack. The rain came down and he suddenly sprung to his feet saying ‘it’s raining I’m off’. What? Is the suicide attempt over now because of the rain? Oh no, sorry I forgot, this is for attention as you weren’t actually going to do it. Generally I would say those that ring up and say it don’t actually do it.
I told him that basically he got in the back of my car to go to the hospital or I would section him under the mental health act. S.136. ‘I’m not being bloody sectioned’ he retorted and got in the car and we took him to the hospital as there were no ambulance wagons left.
Right, so now we have told you we think you should be sectioned you NOW decide to come with us? Hmmm.

The next job I went to was a concern for safety for a female who had been assaulted the week before by her ex, but ‘loves him’ and ‘wants to be with him’ as clearly him assaulting her has made absolutely no difference to her mind and in fact is more desperate to be with him. She had written on Facebook something which caused her parents to call us. I put one of my many hats on and spoke to her at length- it was clear she was upset but said she would be able to change him blah blah blah…..

What is going on with people?
Why can’t people just be ‘normal’? Is there anything that is ‘normal’ these days? Why do people want to put their life all over Facebook? There is no privacy in life anymore, people are willing to put intimate things on Facebook without even flinching. People are texting ‘I’m going to commit suicide’ to friends and families. What is the mental health system doing about it? Nothing.

We are dealing with a new breed in society where it is absolutely accepted to put your dirty laundry on Facebook, where it is ok to text someone and then get angry because the police arrive asking if you are ok.
How did it ever get to this? I know that people can instantly communicate and reach out but Facebook and other such quality social network sites are not the answer. People need support closer to home not in the ether hoping someone will pick up on it.

I am astonished at just how life is revolving around us and the next generation are so in to the ‘attention’ scene, that they think it’s right to threaten to do things on Facebook and cannot see the fall out from it.
What will be next? People videoing and recording themselves 24/7 on some kind of person cam so others can see in to their world? And why is it deemed right to call the emergency services on a whim when they could actually sort out the issue themselves? It’s because they have been nurtured to accept that it’s ok. It’s wrong and Darwin would be horrified I am sure.

Why do people feel it necessary? Because that despite they have many friends on Facebook just how many friends do they have really?
It’s not about being popular in real life, it’s not about having hundreds of friends, it’s about having your friends and family to be there for you no matter what- so why don’t people see that? It’s not a contest. It’s life.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it……

2 Responses to “Life Jim, but not as know it”
  1. PC clitoris says:

    years ago I worked in a busy town centre as it was then that has a famous bridge.the local idiots would quite often climb up and threaten to jump we would always tell them if they did’nt jump we would climb up and push them off or give them a good hidding when they came down.failing that we would threaten to get the shift inspector to come down and sing them a song(he was a bloody awfull singer) guess what? they never did jump worked every time.

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