A war of independence

So the Home Office and the Police Federation are at loggerheads as the Home Office think he is the best candidate to be the Chief Inspector of Policing for England and Wales.
Dr Tim Brain, the ex Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, who recently retired as he disagreed with how the Police reforms were being done.
He tactfully put that the governments choice was

exactly in line

with government policy on police leadership. I took this as

they are doing what they want regardless

He said the decision was ‘symbolic’ and ‘hugely provoctive’. No s**t Sherlock.

Roger Graef, filmmaker and criminologist saw it as a

declaration of war

He said that

the real problem is that policing is changing very fast and it needs smart people who really understand how difficult this is

We do have smart people who really understand how difficult it is, it’s those who are down on the ground working day in and day out, seeing just how hard it is to do the job, staffing levels (or lack of), and spreading ourselves so thin that it is only luck that we haven’t had seriously issues before now.

They should be asking us, those who do the work what the difficulties are, not having Tom Winsor who has no idea about policing to be the Chief Inspector of Police, particularly after his non biased independent review. He will get this job to ensure that all his recommendations are implemented, but what else? What can he positively give us? We are used to changing what we do and are adaptable, but we all know that his review will not only be detrimental to the police but to the people we serve to protect.
They are the ones that will ultimately suffer as we will have so little resources and will have our hands tied and be unable to give them the 100% we all want to give.

In my time in office as Constable I have never seen morale so low. We see a lot of money being spent on ‘projects’, which are done and then abandoned for something else, or new vehicles for senior officers, money wasted on technology which is hit or miss as to whether they work – we are ill equipped, our uniforms are looking and feeling cheaper and look scruffier even after a shorter time. Last night I was discussing with my officers about uniform standards and they have noticed that the uniforms are cheaper. How can that be cost effective? That just means that they will need to replace them far sooner.

We see officers now considering alternative careers feeling disillusioned by all the changes being rushed through and ill thought out.

It is shocking that the rate that the review had been done, and even after serious questions being raised regarding Theresa May, and the independence of Tom Winsor and his links with his company in securing contracts for security firms and part privatisation of the police.
Why isn’t there an immediate independent review about that? He says he wasn’t aware of his company doing this, but how could he not?

ignorance is no excuse

It is despicable what they are doing to the police, they are ripping out the heart and soul of the police, which is felt by officers who are trying their hardest to keep going even in the face of the hardest time in their careers.

what do we do during this ‘war’ ?

We do what we always do, we keep going in the face of diversity and uncertain changes. It’s difficult. It’s frustrating and it’s angering for us all.

All we want is to be consulted. YES – Hello?! Down here Mr Winsor- here, down here on the ground. Come and ask US.

It feels like we have been stitched up like a kipper. I dread the day when we see Mr Winsor wearing the uniform that we respect so much.


6 Responses to “A war of independence”
  1. Dizz54 says:

    A well crafted piece but I think British policing as we know it is in its last days.
    It’s actually quite transparent. Cameron voiced it in 2006; he starts implementation in 2011 and he puts people in place to do the work.
    They have the power and are using it.
    The good police officers have the commitment the passion and the courage but nothing to trump raw political might.
    For me the give away is aparrent in the media – police are passionate about the issues that really affect the public; cast iron cases for a considered approach. Well they might as well save their breath – no government recognition at all of any concerns, no attempt at dialogue, not even a nod towards sugaring such a bitter pill.
    It stares you in the face :-
    This is a done deal but the real police and the general public just weren’t invited to the
    Meeting. .
    I am glad I am out of it; I feel deep sadness for those still serving and for their communities who have been betrayed thus.

    • I agree with you – this has been a done deal and there is nothing more we can do, however, they need to be careful, in particularly about the fact that if the privatise parts of the police, it will be hard to get them departments back – see my blog ‘The psychic we call Mr David Wood-Smith’.

      • Dizz54 says:

        I cannot but recall Sheehy where an orchestrated build up of leaks and fear were the prelude to an aparrent govt climb down. We were so glad we had ducked the apocalypse that all opposition fizzled out overnight. The govt were then able to use piecemeal implementation of many key aims. Was this when ACPO was really neutered perhaps.
        Our colleagues serving now should perhaps be very careful for what they wish ?
        #sempervigilante #holdtheline
        This is just one battle in what will be a long war.

      • Yes, I think you are right- its gone very quiet. We need to be vigilante and keep our eyes still very much open…..

  2. PC clitoris says:

    when will everybody wise up winsor does’nt want to hear or even care what the troops on the ground think.He’s the PM’s bum boy put in to do his dirty work.The HMI’s job at £200,000:00 a year is his reward.All cops can do is work the system do everything by the book none of this going the extra mile anymore stand back and watch the shitstorm engulf thiis tory toffs f—-fest.

    • We will have to watch the decay of the police service that we offer and watch it crumble and fall. I just hope for our sake he doesn’t make a lash up like he did with the railways!

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