MP’s to boycott Winsor


So I hear on the grapevine that
MP’s are getting twitchy feet over the possible job made for applied for by Winsor.
Could it be that they have had an epiphany that the railways were shit and after his review they still are?
Is it because they are worried that to show support for the man would mean a ‘no vote’ for their hundreds no, thousands of public sector workers? Or are they beginning to see the true picture of what is happening and are truly supporting our cause? Maybe some are supporting us, rightly or wrongly, for their own benefit, however, to be seen showing us their support shows that they are at least being told what is actually going on and for a change they might actually see that if we get screwed over then so might they.

ignorance is no excuse

I am sure there are many many people in the police service who have written to their local MP and have received the normal blah blah blah but perhaps they may now have to sit up and listen. For a man who know absolutely nothing about policing, a wage of £200,000 a year must be very tempting.

Mr Winsor, if you do read this (quite unlikely) however, just think very very carefully about this. Remember how crap our rail network is, now think of the Police Service and the devastating effect it could have being in your hands.
The government had no support from the people who help to keep the country safe, if you tear the heart out of that then shame on you.
It’s about time the ‘yes’ men in the commons started asking some serious questions about the nature of Mr Winsors report, the independence of it, his law firm representing contracts give out for privatising the police service, and the severe cuts he is going to make. Think about it. It will be a criminal nightmare.
I hope those who support him can sleep safe in their beds, because after he has finished that might not be so easy, so just think very carefully.

What do YOU think?

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