The psychic we call David Taylor-Smith

So much of the Police Service will be privatised within 5 years will it, Mr Taylor-Smith?
Is that fact or just wishful thinking? The other issue is

is this really going to save money, or just a way for security firms to get richer?

Mr Taylor-Smith states that that he expects police forces across the country to sign up for similar deals to those on the table in West Midlands and Surrey. This will include responsibility for roles such as investigating crimes, transporting suspects and managing intelligence.

Up to 10 police forces are considering privatisation at this time, looking at privatisation of custody, IT services and other similar outsourcing.

How is this going to help the Police service??

We are a ‘Service’ not a private company, and in order for the police to continue to serve, does that mean there has to be contract war for all the different departments ? If they go out to tenure, does that mean that we have to suffer the quality of changeover between companies ?
Why, if in the competitive market of privatisation, will security companies be offering to do it at the best competitive price, can we not match the costs and keep it run by the force itself?

Mr Taylor-Smith works for G4s which is lined up to get a contract of £1.5bn with Surrey and the West Mids- so if he can do it at that price why can’t we?
He states that the members of the public won’t care who is running parts of the police service, including such options as payroll, licensing etc, but actually there are people who will care, and that’s our community in which we serve, the officers who serve and the families of those officers.

Police investigation Centres are being cleverly built with no police signage, and you can see why, because it could so easily be handed over to G4s or similar without much notice, but there are those that will.
G4s are doing security for the Olympics too, however, that is not without the support of thousands of police officers, and if the s**t hits the fan then who are they going to call? Yes, the Police!

I understand what he is saying that the core functions of policing will still be dealt with by police officers, but it concerns me that we may end up with a situation where there are more people employed by security staff than those staffed in the Police Service. Is that right? Really??

There are areas of the police service that aren’t as effective and efficient, but let’s address that issue and sort it out, not farm it out to security firms and such like. That would be like privatising the fire service or ambulance, so you wouldn’t know if you were getting a private company ambulance or fire engine, and would you fully trust your life in their hands? I wouldn’t feel 100% happy, and I am sure that it is the police too. People know what they are getting with the Police, and yes, there are some aspects that need to be more efficient and effective, but that doesn’t mean that we want to ship it out to get it sorted out. I believe that it would cost more, not less.

It is a very frightening thought – this isn’t just talking about contracts for major parts of the police service, not back office jobs, cleaners, and payroll, this is going to include call taking, custody, patrols on foot, dealing with traffic offences, and how are we going to manage these contractors when it comes to say discipline regulations? Are they going to be answerable as we are?
Say, for example, a employed security call taker breaches data protection or misuses the system in some way, yes we have criminal offences, but as an officer there are also regulations too, so will we then have to have a department for Professional Standards especially for those employed ‘privately’?

All this privatisation is simply politics and save money. Now think, if the government implement this – if there is a change in government, what are they supposed to do? They can’t about turn, so what happens now is going to have an effect on policing for not just the short term, but in for the long haul. Do they realise that trying to save money now and privatising the service is going to have a fall out period of years and years? I don’t think they do, and do they care? After all, by the time it’s having a fall out they will be long retired and be enjoying the sunshine while we are still working until we are 70!

All I ask is for the politicians to stop and think. This isn’t about saving money, it isn’t about politics. What you are doing will impact generations to come. Now take away how much you can save/profit, just think about your children and your children’s children, these decisions are going to have an impact to our society, our communities, our neighbours and our families.

please do the right thing.

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  1. Aaron Johal says:

    Excellent 😉

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