2012 Olympics by G4S – Oh please!

So the private security company G4S have let themselves down, its a shocker. I think the expression is ‘bitten off more than they can chew’.  As a result, armed forces and Police are now being drafted in, including those just back from Afghanistan, who instead of having leave with their loved ones, are now doing body and bag checks to see if people have a bottle or the wrong brand of trainers on.

Is it really a surprise that they have ‘cocked up’ this badly?  Not to those in the Police.  There has been a lot of talk of privatization of the Police service and companies such as G4S taking over parts of the service including Custody areas, criminal investigations and additional ‘support’, and their talk of being able to support more efficiently and effectively, but they can’t even do enough to be able to cope with dealing with an Olympic Games for a couple of months in the summer.  Anyone would think this has just been sprung on them.  This has been in the planning for  a long time, and when they put their bid in you would have thought that they would have thought about their service delivery rather than the amount of money they would get out of it.

The article in the Guardian (20/07/12) stated that:

Despite morale being at rock bottom as a result of the Winsor review and the prospect of 16,000 officers being cut, officers have stepped in with no complain

That’s because as Police Officers we understand that we are there to ‘serve and protect’ and that we know that when we joined that we had a duty of care to those who we work with and for.  It went on:

The G4S crisis has raised the question of who would be available to meet similar contingencies in the future when police and defence cuts bite. Bowles points out that the cuts would limit their future ability to bail out such problems. “If this had happened two years down the line you have to question whether the police would have the capacity to step up to the mark without depleting our lines back in our home forces”

Exactly our point.  That is what we have been trying to say this to Blair-Gibbs, Winsor and Cameron.  If you make these cuts, then in the future we will not have the ability to bail out these ‘Security’ companies with this mess as the cuts will be made and it will be far too late.

I just hope that the Government recognize that making these cuts is Public Service ‘suicide’, and what the Olympics have shown that even though this has been in the planning and making for years, that there is still insufficient security companies that would be able to take on such a mammoth task, which is why we have the police service in the first place.

Surely as a nation we deserve to be protected and if Police privatization goes ahead then it will be to the detriment of the people we are supposed to serve in the first place.


One Response to “2012 Olympics by G4S – Oh please!”
  1. PC clitoris says:

    The Gov. is not listening.I don’t want to see anyone hurt but can only hope this really goes wrong big time and forces a total re think

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