Just what goes through their minds………? False Reporting.

I saw a report today of a couple who had reported their 3 year old daughter missing from the beach in Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

After a major hunt involving Humberside fire and rescue, Humber coastguard and volunteers from Hornsea inshore rescue, it emerged that the couple, who had travelled from Hull, did not even have a daughter.

It appears that they had insufficient funds to get home so they made up a story about a daughter they never even had went missing.

More than 40 officers were drafted in as well as RAF rescue, insure lifeboat, as well as checking the local hospitals, and after five hours the search was stopped after a taxi driver who had taken them called in to say that they didn’t even have a child with them when he dropped them off.

Just what goes through their minds…?

Having been involved in many missing persons, including very young children, it is clear that it is a very emotional time, and we are not talking just about the parents, but friends, locals in the area and of course those who are out looking.  It can send chills down the spine just thinking that the child might not be found. How could anyone make up something like that just to get a free lift home?  Despicable.

The inshore spokesperson said ‘I hope they learned their lesson….?’.  I think not.  This incident happened 5th July 2012 and there is now a warrant out for the males arrest after he was charged with ‘wasting police time’, and he failed to show at court, so rather than turning up to court to hold up his hands to say ‘Sorry’, he’s absconded.  The woman admitted it and got a caution.  Well that’s okay then.

What they should get is a bill for all the services that were used.  amount of time x number of persons out looking, fuel for the inshore lifeboat and helicopter and of course, the time used to deal with them afterwards. Harsh?  No not really.  If they couldn’t pay then they should be putting their free time back in to their community for those that really need help, or go to prison.

The sheer frustration of not being able to find the missing person, the anxiousness of trying to find her, and then after all of that time searching would have led to some pretty upset emergency services, and yes, that’s what we are there for, but only when it actually happens.

I do think that there are many people who ring the police and feign illness, or loss, or assaults when they didn’t happen, and many of these are due to mental health, but really, making up a story which involves the loss of a child is just sick. We accept this is also part of our role when someone calls, but I do not have any hesitation in dealing with people who waste police time, or anyone else’s for that matter.

At 37 years old this male really should know better, and if they do ever have an emergency, and god forbid they have a child and it goes missing, then how is anyone going to take them seriously?

We need to be tougher.  Especially in the times when money is being taken away from front line services, and in the space of 5 hours officers could be dealing with people who genuinely need our help.

If anyone else thinks that doing this for a free lift home need to be thinking that the only way they will be going is prison.

One Response to “Just what goes through their minds………? False Reporting.”
  1. sclongago says:

    They’re from Hull. Says it all really – and if you don’t know what I mean, try visiting the place. It’s a different planet – and I say that as a proud Yorkshireman who used to work there. Many years ago, mind.

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