G4S fail results in two resignations……

David Taylor-Smith, chief operating officer, and Ian Horseman Sewell, a managing director have resigned after the review of the Olympic contract given to G4S, which caused Armed Services to be drafted in for extra staff to cover the short fall. You are surprised by this? No, me neither.

It was pretty clear from even before the start of the Olympics that G4S were not going to be able to cope with the demands which they were adamant they could do, it was the financial greed and gain that pushed them in to convincing those with the red pens to agree. It was clear that this was not going to be a success.

This along with the privatisation talk of the public Police Service, is a clear indication of just how this is not being looked at as a way of making the Police Service more user friendly and manageable, however, but more of a profit led organisation, with G4S being ‘support’ at a cost which would put at risk the Police service, the public and communities.

The current state of the Police and other emergency services is at such an all time low that it is hard to imagine just how this will be any better. Ambulance staff are being single crewed in ambulances, being run in to the ground, sickness is at an all time high due to unattainable expectations of those who work on the ground, and this is no different to the Police. Why is it that we are understaffed and yet the demands are increasing every day?

I cannot see how this is going to change in the future, and I don’t think any of us have psychic ability, but really? Who didn’t see that G4S couldn’t perform.

What do YOU think?

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