Corporate sponsorship? are you really surprised

So the Met received 23million pounds in ‘Corporate Sponsorship over 5 years.  Is that a surprise?  Perhaps if we were given the resources to fund everything we needed we wouldn’t have to get ‘sponsored’.  I don’t know of one Police Force that doesn’t have ‘sponsorship’ of some kind.  Yes, we are talking bikes, cars, posters, t-shirts and probably a keyring or two as well.

Vehicles are sponsored in order to get officers on response and back out there in areas that we can ill afford to police normally due to budget cuts, so we have to rely on the support of local businesses and communities to support the areas that we can no longer afford.

Bicycles are also an essential piece of kit to get our community officers out in our hard to reach areas including rural and urban, but again, without the support of local businesses and communities we would not be able to provide the support they need.

The way it has been written makes it sound like we are all being sponsored by Designers and High Spec Vehicles, but it can be as simple as trying to get a message across with other agencies and charities that we need financial or material assistance.  It would be interesting to compare how much sponsorship was received and the proportion of what we would have been unable to provide if it was not for that assistance.  I am sure there would be outcry if some public services were withdrawn because we were unable to provide the support needed for our local communities.

If the government properly funded our public services, including Fire, Ambulance and the NHS then perhaps ‘sponsorship’ would be not such an issue.  Don’t forget that it isn’t just police who are sponsored, all the public sectors are too and unfortunately this is a very common phenomenon, and I can’t see how else we can get out of it, unless the government start putting in the money needed for Frontline Policing.

Yeah Right, like that’s going to happen.

What do YOU think?

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