Can we get perspective people??

I was wondering whether we can get a little perspective here please….

So the DG of the BBC has resigned after 54 days in the job because of issues around newsnight, reporting and not reporting of issues regarding suspects of sexual assault, but he managed to walk off with a years salary (enough for 5 officers on the street?)

Does anyone else believe that perhaps the people that matter are those victims who have been sexually assaulted by famous infamous people and perhaps efforts would be better well spent on looking after them rather than a big hullabaloo about journalism and television and who is to blame…..?
Or am I being old fashioned??

There is so much going on in the UK with our armed forces and emergency services being royally shafted, perhaps more of these issues should be highlighted. It is a sad day when the news is reporting headlines as the director general of the BBC has resigned and then a soldier being shot comes down the news, or the PCC vote- I haven’t seen a lot about that and what an horrific mess that is, or the fact that we got over 100,000 signatures on an e-petition to have Police Pensions looked at and discussed in Parliament. No that’s not good news. They say some countries control what is reported on their news channels…. I don’t think we are any exception.



What do YOU think?

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