So the farce is over…… PCC election disaster

The PCC Elections are finally over – I am pretty sure that it was one of the most boring days for those who were waiting for the public to turn up to vote.  I hope they brought their knitting and their flasks and sandwiches!

I cannot believe that in the 75 million that was spent that there was such a lack of knowledge as to what the election was about, who was standing, and just what it meant.

I had to explain to so many, and also those who didn’t have a computer couldn’t even see who was up for the post.

Our Public Services are meant to be impartial, so why is this so political?

Its been a sad day and I am just hoping that that if there was such a low turn out that it would be declared null and void and would need to be looked at in to alternatives, but like that is going to happen…..

Your thoughts please….


2 Responses to “So the farce is over…… PCC election disaster”
  1. Frankie says:

    I did not use my vote – the first time since age 18 and I am ‘considerable older’ than that… ‘She who must be obeyed’ did not, and neither will my neighbours, and any of my acquaintances, or those members of the public who have asked my considered opinion on the matter, whilst I have been doing my ‘missionary work’, among the great unwashed that make up the denizens of this part of the sceptered isles of the UK.

    The major complaint is that no one has any idea who or what they are voting for. I have researched the potential candidates for this part of the world and am not persuaded that their respective Curriculum Vitae make any of them eligible for the post. Who was it first used the phrase “Lions, led by donkeys”?

    The candidates appear to have already forgotten what their respective roles are to be and they haven’t even taken up their posts yet! How can some half-baked political ‘has been’ decide how an area will be policed when they have no operational experience? It would be a bit like me turning up at the local hospital because I fancied doing a bit of brain surgery on one of the patients, chosen at random… I could even take my own Swiss Army Knife!

    I suspected that the role will attract ‘the usual suspects’ – the fatheaded Walter Mitty types, who always wanted to be a police officer but just would never measure up.

    Political manipulation has wormed its way into the post of PCC, with some of the candidates are making verbal promises that they can’t deliver on… no change there then!

    I truly hope the turnout today will be dismal even by dismal standards and the new incumbents will have no genuine mandate from the public and that the whole sorry experiment will someday land where it belongs – in the bin.

    • Thanks for your comment- I am dismayed by the whole thing. I cannot believe that so much was spent- I am sure if we arranged it we would have done it for £50 including enough for chips after. Such a waste of taxpayers money.
      No information was available unless you knew where to look on the Internet and for those that don’t have a computer it was nigh on impossible.

      I will, of course, support whoever is elected, because that’s what we have to do- but it grates when we are supposed to be impartial regardless of whatever party is playing ‘government’ and yet this person will have a big day on our budgets, chiefs, priority areas and it doesn’t sit right.

      We have a proud and great Police Service and it seems to be being dragged in to a political quagmire of mess and it saddens me.

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