The Tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary, Conneticut, USA

Today, 14th December 2012, My eyes were glued to the television, I was transfixed. I just could not believe it. An ordinary day, just before Christmas, a young man shoots a member of his family, then leaves in a car to then walk in to SandyHook Elementary school in Newtown Conneticut and dressed in combat gear shoots dead 26 people, including a whole class of Kindergarten kids. It is believed he then took his own life. Reports are he was 24 years old.

What kind of person would do this apart from someone who may have suffered with mental health issues – a whole class of children taken out with semi automatic assault weapons.

President Obama gave a press conference and was trying to wipe the tears away and he has stated that enough is enough… Something must be done. How do you turn something around like that and control it now it is so widespread?

Many people comment saying we’re behind the states and following in their footsteps when it comes to Gun crime, culture and Police carrying firearms – I like to think that we are not and won’t.
I think there is call for routine carrying of taser but a permanent side arm, I hope not.

I am left just thinking just how devastating for all involved, the officers who initially turn up to the scene, then have to call for back up, clear the scene, check for casualties, seeing if there were any survivors in amongst the carnage who may still be alive, get the survivors out, see a whole class of children dead, but having to keep ‘switched on’, probably knowing some of them and their families, the same for the ambulance and fire services, other teachers at the school, the devastation of the other children hearing the shots and wondering what is going on. This is a day their
Innocence was well and truly lost.
When your children go to school you expect them to be safe and nothing will prepare those families and that community for the absolute devastation that man has done. I am sure he had some reasoning in his head as to why, having been there, perhaps he was bullied, shunned, and has been an outsider and after shooting his family member inside the house, knew he was never going home, and made his way to the school, he would have been completely focused, how he couldn’t see these little kids as babies with their whole lives ahead of them shows he was a disturbed man.

I do hope the USA do sort their Gun laws out – if this doesn’t really bring home to them a reason as to why they should then more fool them.

As for the UK- just because we seem to ‘model’ ourselves on the US and think its all wonderful, this is proof that their laws need to change, and it doesn’t make a difference of you are Democrat or Republican, surely they can see that? This is about Humanity.

Everyone will be hugging their kids a bit tighter tonight and their spouses and reaffirming their love, because you just never know that someone who has that mindset will go out and commit such a hineous crime which sends shock waves all over the world.

My thoughts and prayers are with the children and adults who were killed, families of those they have lost, the community devastation and to the emergency services who were faced with mass murder.

There has always been good and evil in this world and we try to combat the evil but sometimes it wins a battle, but there are so many people on the good guys side trying to make a difference that there is still hope to win the war.

I ask you to give thought to them too.



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