Stereotyping the Police – WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

How many times do you hear

you lot are all the same?

never? All the time??

It’s a common theme and pops up almost daily.

Another one is

all police are arrogant

. This made my chin hit the floor!

Why are we perceived like this? The majority are doing a fantastic job and are honest, loyal, and are far from arrogant.
My friends tell me I am honest, resilient, soft, friendly and will do anything for anyone. I don’t hear being called arrogant, or any rude name under the sun, unless its someone who doesn’t know me.
Don’t get me wrong, we all work with people who perhaps you would **** on if they were on fire, except I might add, of course you would because most of us are honest, reliable and trustworthy.

so why are we all being painted with the same brush?

Trying to widen my social circle having to ‘get back out there’ has been mixed- when I mention who I am is either a complete conversation killer, a conversation of what they thought of the police (mostly never positive) or a minority are acceptable. Again a major stereotype – so do you keep schtum until they think ‘oh actually she’s ok’
Just because we wear the same uniform doesn’t mean to say we are all the same.

We are getting bad press from a minority for leaking information, making up evidence they didn’t see, and not holding their part of their duty which includes ‘honesty and integrity’
I see many different characters who do include arrogant, cynical, and even some who think they rule the roost however, i know a lot more who do include kind, empathetic, professional, have total integrity, work their socks off, and go the extra mile

We see that the stereotype is part of people’s psyche, and it is easy to paint us all with the same brush, and we shouldn’t take it personally but we do. When people won’t socialise with you because of your job, when officers get arrested it means we are all the same…. corrupt, whistleblowers and arrogant who think they rule the public
We don’t see enough publicity of officers who spend time volunteering outside work for their community, putting in the extra mile for families on their areas, being there for their colleagues when we deal with emotive issues.
I don’t say all journalists are corrupt, I won’t say all MPs have sent in OTT expenses or that all youngsters with hoodies are trouble makers so why do we get it so much?

All I am saying is when you interact with a police officer then keep an open mind, if you aren’t happy then take their collar number and contact their duty inspector, individuals do need to be taken to task from time to time, but don’t walk away thinking we are all the same.

I treat people how I would want to be treated and if I can go the extra mile and it will help, who talks about those times? 10 excellent things- no public letters saying

well done – thank you

1 bad thing and

police are all the same

Please please before you start stereotyping just think
we are all human underneath

we are not all arrogant and if there is an officer who was rude then complain to their inspector – we don’t know it happens until we have someone tell us
keep an open mind- just one bad experience doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way
and if you do get a good officer then why not contact their inspector and acknowledge they went that extra mile
99% are actually just trying their best and we try and treat people with respect and how we would like to be treated

Just something to think about….. We’re not all the same, not all are involved or even aware there are any conspiracy theories and don’t involved in political policies, they just want to do an excellent job.

Have a safe Christmas and New year and lets hope we have a better 2013



3 Responses to “Stereotyping the Police – WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!”
  1. I once had a bloke come to me and say, “I want to make a complaint about that copper over there!” pointing at a colleague in the distance who was dealing with some drunks. “Why?” I asked, inquisitively. He told me about how he’d been kicked out of a club and then assaulted by police when he’d politely tried to make a complaint.

    A girl then came over and told him to “Leave it, they’re all corrupt anyway, they don’t want to hear it,” and with that they left. Presumably to tell all their mates about how they tried to complain about a bouncer and got assaulted by a copper, then went to another copper to make a complaint but he didn’t want to hear it.

    I found out exactly what happened and while I’m not sure about the door staff, the police certainly didn’t do anything wrong. 99% of the time we haven’t done anything wrong, and yet I’m still willing to listen to complaints in spite of the fact that statistically I shouldn’t bother. Corruption, arrogance? I think not.

    • Exactly- and it happens more and more- even when you tell them what is best to do, if you don’t do it how they want then ‘you weren’t interested’ even though you were dealing with someone else.

      Sad times 😦

      • Mind you… Sometimes it goes the other way…t’other week I dealt with a chap thrown out of a club/drunk and upset..a gaffer i had not seen before told me to arrest him… I smiled and walked over then spoke to him for 5 and he started laughing and walked off…

        “well done”, said the gaffer…”what did you say?”

        “nothing sir”

        “no really…”

        (stern face) “what did you say please?”

        “well i said the club were in charge…and there were knobbers in every job”

        He wasnt impressed…

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