Uniform standards- all the same?

Wow! Stop the press- the National Audit Office has discovered vast differences in uniform costs across 43 forces. Tell us something we didn’t know. How much has that cost to work out?

I remember when I first started as a PC *cough* years ago- we had ‘NATO’ style jumpers- another neighbouring force didn’t as they were deemed ‘scruffy’. Hmmm. Warmth won.

Since then there has, on my travels, varying degrees of differences between uniforms. Some black shirts, some white with ties and cravats for us girls, and then different trousers depending on specialisms and again forces. I just wonder how money has been wasted? I have noticed a difference in uniform quality -bowler hats were sewn around the brim made in the UK- nowadays abroad in a quality that is that of a fancy dress shops police uniform- and trousers are one suits all.

Apparently even our high vis jackets are so varying between forces that there is a 400% difference ranging from £20 to £100.

Why has it taken this long for someone to think ‘wouldn’t it be a good idea for our Police officers in the UK to wear the same. Good quality, but the same’ ?
So some forces are collaborating and buying ‘bulk discount’ – why aren’t all 43 doing the same. That way perhaps the money would be better spent on say, hmmmm, officers on the ground?  If the Scouts can do it why can’t we?

Lets not be setting up ‘workgroups’ to try out uniform for one or two forces- lets get heads together and decide once and for all- this is a police uniform. You never know, they could save so much they could even issue boots too- or am I just getting carried away?!



4 Responses to “Uniform standards- all the same?”
  1. John Thomas says:

    Hehe you should try us, tri force collaboration, 1 quater masters store providing three types of uniform depending what force and dept you work in! My poor wife ordered a pair of trousers, requested a ladies 14 and got sent a gents 36!

  2. Permission to re-blog on my site please… made me laugh… the scout line did…

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