The low down at the end of the year….. April 2012 – June 2012 the first quarter report.

I decided that I would have a look back at the blogs I have written in the past ‘year’ (financial of course!)  All the blogs written are linked, so if you want to read them again, feel free to click on the links. This is the first of four of my first quarter report.

We started with the April Fool of with Mr Winsor cutting staff numbers and having to deal with the ongoing ‘juggle’ of dealing with incidents…. Winsor report – April Fool

We then had the #antiwinsornetwork inspiring us on twitter showing support for goodwill and officers pulling themselves in all directions in order to keep the ‘police wheel’ turning.

Racism then came in to the forefront when officers were suspended for racism.  The whole question regarding Professional Standards and what is morally right.  Snitching Racism and Morale.

The National Decision Model came in to the forefront and looking at working through the model with staff being pulled from pillar to post.  Having to make decisions with the constraints of modern policing.   The BBC News then asked ‘Do cop shows tell the truth about policing?‘ I think we all know the answer to that already.

Why don’t we start saying ‘No’? – a discussion about fighting against the tide of dealing with issues that aren’t necessarily police related. Policing with the National Health highlighted the issues relating to issues when officers needing  ambulances and hospital requests.

I was contacted by a blogger that said I was being negative – so I thought I would have a good think and write something positive – so that’s where A positive attitude – Policing in the Modern Day UK came about. The 27th April 2012 showed an incident on Tottenham Court Road, London, where an male took persons hostage – a critical situation where officers put themselves at risk in order to protect others.

‘You should be out catching criminals‘ is one of the favourite phrases people like to use, along with ‘I pay your wages’.  Hmmmm.  Always a good start when someone says this, and whether the end of the warranted officer, replaced by security officers would stop this?

‘The Queens half hour’ was whether it should be acceptable for us to work ‘free’ for the first half hour of overtime, bearing in mind that increases in pension contributions and freezes on salaries were in the ‘making’. ‘You have to help yourself first‘ was about families dealing with issues before ringing the police in the first instance, and taking responsibility for dealing with issues they have.

The 10th May 2012 was the show of solidarity with 30,000 police and families descended on London to demonstrate their frustration and determination.  We did good that day……..

Blues and Twos – you what?! and Justice for Emma highlighted issues for responding to emergency calls, and the attack of an elderly female – just where is the world coming to?

Theresa May did her speech at the Police Conference which went down like a fart in a spacesuit.  With 20% cuts in the offing, she was trying to justify them and everyone was just feeling depressed in the climate that was seen as the future. Paul McKeever was great and gave it his all, and so it was McKeever 1 v May 0

Just say Winsor has a point was my blog relating to a couple of issues in his report which may, on introduction, be useful, this included Fitness and the incentive to keep fit.  Police Privatisation was another issue that was being banded around by May and Winsor and it was a worry to officers who felt that the service was going to be divided and privatised in to unrecognisable proportions.

My blog for the application for Winsor to be the head honcho at the HMIC  let to some wry smiles….. and then there was the issue of Police Corruption and the IPCC with issues relating to internal and external complaints within the forces.

We are not robots was highlighting the issue that we are not non thinking beings and that we do have feelings and issues of our own, and the war of independence  was questioned in relation to Tom Winsor, having written the report for the government and then applying to be the big cheese of the HMIC – how could he be ‘independent’ and look at what was best for the Police, so much so that even the MP’s were getting twitchy.  David Taylor-Smith also put in his thoughts, the psychic that he is. 

Finally for the end of my quarterly report April 2012 – to June 2012 we had the issues of photographs being kept in relation to persons who have not been convicted, similar to DNA and fingerprints, and recognising the implications for people’s privacy and insisting that this disproportionate policy be tightened.

Phew!  So much in such a short space of time.  I will do the next quarter shortly, but in the meantime, feel free to click on the links and review the year so far.



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