2nd Quarter – the low down on the year July 2012 – September 2012.

The second part of the low down of my year of blogs.  The first part was a mixed bag – and the second quarter is no different.

Let the public see complaints against the Police looked at if we had to declare every single complaint of officers, including those that aren’t substantiated, then this would not give a true reflection of that officer.  There are always those that who will be malicious against officers and to have to declare those complaints are just wrong.

2012 Olympics by G4S – oh please!  looked at the private security firm who were given the contract for the Olympic games, and it was a farce.  There were not enough staff, and having to draft in the armed forces, and the fact that if they couldn’t organise that event, then how could we trust them to take over parts of the police force, leading to the detriment of the police service that we all strive to keep afloat.

Just what goes through their minds….. false reporting looked at persons who reported their daughter ‘missing’, when they didn’t have a daughter, and wanted a lift home.  They had every man and their dog, quite literally, looking for the three year old ‘missing girl’ and after the publicity, it was the diligence of a member of the public who took them to their location who said they didn’t have a child with them that brought the issue of  ‘wasting police time’.  It isn’t the first time it’s happened and won’t be the last, but there should be a suitable punishment and a fine which makes people think twice before they make any false or malicious reports.

Work/Life Balance looked at shift work and getting the balance right between work and home.  Being at work more than you are at home is not ideal, but that’s how it is, but it’s trying to get the balance right, having time for your family and being able to ‘switch off’, which is easier said than done sometimes, particularly if you have been dealing with a particularly harrowing job.  How do you explain to a loved one or a child that mummy or daddy is very tired, or is upset because they had to deal with a fatal road accident, suicide or any other stressful situation?

How can any sexual assault be deemed ‘bad etiquette’?  was written after I read an article where George Galloway has insisted he regards non-consensual sex as rape but says he stands by controversial comments made about sex assault allegations facing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The Respect MP was widely criticised after speculating Mr Assange was guilty merely of “bad sexual etiquette” after he had sex with a female without her consent.  As you can imagine this caused a lot of discussion and upset.

Operation Tuleta was the ongoing issue with people being arrested for the phone hacking ‘scandal’.  Bigger headlines don’t mean worse crimes, and it appeared that in comparison, officers who were being arrested for lesser offences were getting the bigger headlines in the media.  When officers are portrayed in the media, it appears that the press seems to be harsher and harder, and its because of the job they do.  When was the last time we had a spate of ‘good news’ stories of the excellent work that we do?

And finally, surprise surprise, the lash up of G4S fail resulted in two resignations.  This was as a result of the poor effort for the Olympic games, and again the issue of whether a private security firm would be able to cope in taking over parts of the police service.  The answer quite simply is no.





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