Review of the third quarter October – December 2012

October 2012 saw the Plebgate incident which is still going on, but ‘Let those who judge be judged’ was about senior officers and politicians who discipline lower ranked officers, but who in fact have been dishonest themselves, or committed offences or cover ups.  Accountability is the key, and the question of how can someone discipline officers when they have been dishonest themselves.

Press reported that the Metropolitan Police receiving 23 million pounds in corporate sponsorship.  All forces are sponsored in some way, from small to large amounts, and why not?  If we didn’t have sponsorship then we wouldn’t be able to provide the facilities and support that the community needs. Corporate sponsorship? Are you really surprised?  No of course not.  If the government cannot supply the funding required to provide the needs of the Police and the community then what else do they expect?

The special constabulary play a vital role for the Police service, however, there was a suggestion that specials numbers were going to increase, and the concern is that they were going to be a replacement for officer numbers required.  So an enhancement or a replacement?.  Having been a special myself, I understand how vital they are and the support they give, however, they should not be used as a replacement to regular officers and used as policing on the cheap.  The quality still needs to be there, and the importance of the role that they do.

November saw the tragic death of DC Adele Cashman after chasing a suspect – another loss to the policing family.  I was asked whether I was going to blog every time there was an officer down?  Yes if I need to highlight the tragic loss of another colleague and member of the Police family then of course.

In the Azelle Rodney inquiry it was reported that the firearms officer had killed before. Well if you are a firearms officer then there is a chance that you could have been through this experience before, that is what they do, that is their role, and depending on which part of the country they work in, the chances of them being involved in something like this, and pulling the trigger before is a possibility.  If you were a police officer in the US or other countries who are armed as a matter of course, would they bring up this issue?  Probably not.

Can we get some perspective people?  saw the resignation of the DG of the BBC after 54 days in the post, which was about what was/wasn’t reported about the sexual assault of young girls with staff in the BBC.  This had the headline, and yet a person fighting in Afghanistan and was killed in battle was down the list on the news.  How is that right? Also what is right?  We should be concentrating on the victims and families of those assaulted, not those who decide what is on the news or not.

November saw the elections for the PCC – well that was disasterous, will a very low turn out of  people voting, and the fact that our Public services are meant to be there for the community, so why did it become such a political hot potato?

14th December saw the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman shot 26 children and adults.  The whole question and debate was around firearms being allowed in the US and gun laws needing to be looked at and reviewed.  A terrible tragedy.

Finally, Stereotyping the Police – we are not all the same was my rant about people who decide that we are all the same people because of the job we do and the uniform we wear.  Generally we get more criticism than people saying thank you.  Of course there are going to be arrogant officers, just like in all walks of life, but that shouldn’t then be a reflection of the whole of the Police service, after all, there are some excellent officers who work hard to make a difference.



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