Simples…. Cautions to be scrapped. At last.

So it was announced by Chris Grayling that simple cautions for serious offences are to be scrapped. Hallelujah!

Didn’t it occur to anyone that a simple caution for serious offences was damn right ludicrous ?
Who on earth in their right mind figured that a ‘slap on the wrist’ for someone who had committed serious devastating offences was okay?
Well the government I guess. Was this a way of saving money and not having to put them through an expensive judicial system and, oh heaven forbid, in to jail..

The policing and criminal justice minister, Damian Green, said: “It’s time we get tough – that’s why we are seriously clamping down on the use of simple cautions and reviewing all out-of-court disposals. We need to sort this out once and for all if the public and victims are going to have confidence in the criminal justice system.

“Simple cautions can be an appropriate way for the police to deal with low-level offending. However they are not suitable for criminals who commit serious offences like rape or robbery, which can ruin victims’ lives.”

No **** Sherlock- Really??

The problem is though of course that it will cost more money, and not only that – if someone is jailed where will they put them? Well that’s if they were actually to get a custodial sentence of course. It never surprises me these days when cases go to court and you think that someone is definitely going to have a fair lengthy sentence only to find that they have walked out of court with a suspended sentence and/or supervision order. How are we exactly encouraging people to stay crime free?

Now I don’t think the USA have done everything correct but it seems to me that their judicial system and sentencing seems to be at a better standard than ours and if someone has committed a serious offence they will do serious time. Why can’t we see that jail time is what some deserve and is more cost effective in the long term – deal with the issues they are faced with rather than walking out of court back to the life of crime to be caught again not long after.

The fear of being jailed is not here in this country- you speak to people who you deal with and it almost becomes a joke to some knowing that they aren’t going to prison, and even if they are, that they will be out within weeks.

Simple cautions for serious offences should never have been brought in.
If you or I were a victim of a serious offence and you had reported it, and in some cases we are talking of serious life changing situations, and at the end of it you were told they were given a caution and that meant a ‘slap on the wrist’ just how would you feel?

I know I would think it was being treated like a joke and wished I hadn’t been through all the stress for me and my family in the first place.
Finally common sense has prevailed and they are being scrapped but to be honest what idiot thought simple cautions for serious offences was a good idea in the first place.


What do YOU think?

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