Bravo – The woman behind the uniform

Having been in the career of the Police since 1995, Inspector Juliet Bravo has seen many many things, most of which would make your hair curl. The idea of doing this website was to show what really happens in the real world, and not what is on the television.  We cannot solve crimes in half an hour, we cannot solve every single crime, we cannot spread ourselves that thinly that we cannot attend every single job in a minute and cure everybody’s problems. The area Inspector Bravo works in is a mixture of both rural and urban, most issues relate to alcohol and drugs, and the bane in the area is Facebook mostly.  The mentality of the customers on the ‘beat’ is to call the police for anything and everything, and when they have it explained that we cannot sort out their lives, they then complain and tell us that ‘we are a waste of space’ and ‘I pay your wages’. Inspector Bravo wants to share her ups and downs, love and lost, the way that officers are being perceived and hopefully the occasional humorous notes of the career that keeps the likes of officers the strength to keep going. Feel free to comment on the blogs, all comments are welcome, as long as they make sense and please, try and keep it clean! IJB

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