Margaret Thatcher – controversial in life and death….

Since the death of Margaret Thatcher last week there has been a huge¬†controversy and divide between those who are for and against ‘The Iron Lady’. There were a lot of people who were celebrating her death on Social Media sites, and in once case a Police Sergeant from the Met who shared his celebratory thoughts … Continue reading

2012 Olympics by G4S – Oh please!

So the private security company G4S have let themselves down, its a shocker. I think the expression is ‘bitten off more than they can chew’.¬† As a result, armed forces and Police are now being drafted in, including those just back from Afghanistan, who instead of having leave with their loved ones, are now doing … Continue reading

Life Jim, but not as know it

I was musing yesterday at the jobs we have had coming through in the last couple of days. My staff and I attended mostly ‘concern for safety’ jobs, actually no, all of them were. What is it with people? I thought that there was still an element of community in some parts of my area, … Continue reading

You have to help yourself first……

There is a saying that I was reminded of today…. you can’t teach a pig, it doesn’t work and the pig just gets annoyed How many times do we deal with domestic incidents where they say ‘I don’t want him/her back, I’m frightened/don’t love them/had enough’. We do get sucked in to the tears and … Continue reading

‘You should be out catching criminals’

Why do we try to explain? I have had, as have many of my colleagues, many conversations with people we stop and deal with and it is difficult to get through to some about the career path that we choose. I guess the most favourite phrase they use is I pay your wages It’s a … Continue reading

To taser or not to taser- that is the question………

Taser Teen USA This is a link of a video which was taken from the Guardian on line. It is a video of a 14 year old girl being tasered by a police officer in America after she was inciting public order outside of a school for swearing and shouting. She is first seen to … Continue reading

To arrest or to not arrest……

Yesterday we attended a male who has mental health and had been drinking and took an overdose. Ambulance had asked for our assistance as it was currently taking four of them to hold him down. He initially agreed to come out and get in the car, but as he left the house he legged it. … Continue reading