Margaret Thatcher – controversial in life and death….

Since the death of Margaret Thatcher last week there has been a huge controversy and divide between those who are for and against ‘The Iron Lady’. There were a lot of people who were celebrating her death on Social Media sites, and in once case a Police Sergeant from the Met who shared his celebratory thoughts … Continue reading

Review of the third quarter October – December 2012

October 2012 saw the Plebgate incident which is still going on, but ‘Let those who judge be judged’ was about senior officers and politicians who discipline lower ranked officers, but who in fact have been dishonest themselves, or committed offences or cover ups.  Accountability is the key, and the question of how can someone discipline … Continue reading

2nd Quarter – the low down on the year July 2012 – September 2012.

The second part of the low down of my year of blogs.  The first part was a mixed bag – and the second quarter is no different. Let the public see complaints against the Police looked at if we had to declare every single complaint of officers, including those that aren’t substantiated, then this would … Continue reading

How can any sexual assault be ‘bad etiquette’?

I read an article where George Galloway has insisted he regards non-consensual sex as rape but says he stands by controversial comments made about sex assault allegations facing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The Respect MP was widely criticised after speculating Mr Assange was guilty merely of “bad sexual etiquette”. In a podcast on Monday, Mr … Continue reading

Justice for Emma- justice for all…..

I read with disgust the assault on Emma, the elderly female attacked in her own home whilst she slept. despicable How can ANYONE think anything else but that’s disgusting. Firstly it would have to be a sick b*****d who has done this. How could anyone in their own mind do this to anyone let alone … Continue reading

To arrest or to not arrest……

Yesterday we attended a male who has mental health and had been drinking and took an overdose. Ambulance had asked for our assistance as it was currently taking four of them to hold him down. He initially agreed to come out and get in the car, but as he left the house he legged it. … Continue reading