Police Privatisation – what happens when………?

I was mooching about on Public Order in the early hours of today, watching people spill out and wobble across the roads, so drunk they can hardly stand. My officers were due off at 5am and the rest at 7am. It’s always a hard call whether to stand them down, and you know that if … Continue reading

BBC News – Do cop shows tell the truth about policing?

BBC News – Do cop shows tell the truth about policing?. Interestingly, I have had quite a few people say to me ‘That isn’t how it’s done on the television’, or ‘Is what they show on the television really true? Well No. ┬áLets face it – it’s nothing like it – even the ‘reality’ programmes … Continue reading

The circle of sleep

Sleep depravation. It’s not big and it’s not clever. It sucks. It can be painful, mind numbing and hurt, mentally and physically. I have worked shifts for a few years now and it is tiring, but I enjoy it. The reason I enjoy it is because when people are going to bed we are mooching … Continue reading