The Policing Family……

I haven’t blogged for a while, the reason being that I have been ill and have been off work for a while.  It has got me thinking about the policing family and just what happens when you are not at work.

I have been fortunate in that since I have been off I have had colleagues that are also friends visit me.  What about the rest? Nothing.

For all the hoops we jump through from day to day trying to make everything so smooth and keep the cogs turning, when you are no longer in the ‘loop’ and out of action for whatever reason, you realise then that you are a small fish in a very big pond.

I didn’t realise before when people I used to visit would say ‘I don’t see anyone much’ – and I get it – shift work is tough and when the shifts are done it’s family time, or time to catch up with your own lives – however, since now being on the other side of the coin I can really empathise with those who have been off long term.

Time does so quickly, but there are some times when you think ‘crikey I haven’t seen anyone for days….’.  That isn’t ideal, especially when you aren’t feeling well.  It has really made me appreciate that people need contact from work to keep their morale and their spirits going.   I will, if and when I return, be more mindful of those who are off and need support, including those who retire.

The Policing family works well as a whole, when you are working closely together and sharing experiences, you are there for each other.  It’s just sometimes things can slip, and so when they aren’t there, they aren’t forgotten, but just not thought about as much as they feel that they should.

I do find that you are mostly thought about with those who are surrounded by you – I often hear that Senior Management don’t care and don’t contact people who are off.  That’s a shame that people feel that way BUT I do know what they mean.  Bearing in mind of those hoops we have to jump through, I have not yet had any of the ‘seniors’ visit or text.  I know they know I am off as I know what meetings take place and what is discussed, but that personal touch?  Nothing.

So what I take from this is to remember that if I do return, that I keep in the forefront of my mind just how important it is for people to be in touch with their colleagues and friends and just how lonely it can be for them when they are off, especially if they are sick or injured.

So do you know anyone who is off at the moment? Just give them a call or text them – pop round for a cuppa – it might be a little thing to you but trust me, it will be a big thing to them.


What do YOU think?

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