Now we’re petrol pump attendants – what next?

So in the current crisis there appears to be there are going to be tanker strikes. So everyone is now, due to media frenzy, trying to fill up their tanks before it all runs out. Great. So now we are using Police officers to stand as petrol attendants and petrol security. Great. So no longer … Continue reading

When things just go from bad to worse…

Tonight is the last shift before rest days and I will be so glad to be home before it all goes round again. I love my job. I really do. I joined to help people and I still work on the ethic of treat people how you would want to be treated It makes sense. … Continue reading

Winsor, what are you doing to us?

So the Winsor report with the recommendations are out. Deep joy. I was sat stunned at most of it, and I know they are only recommendations, and they won’t take them all, but still? They will make it all pink and fluffy for us all and say ‘look how good we have been to you … Continue reading

The circle of sleep

Sleep depravation. It’s not big and it’s not clever. It sucks. It can be painful, mind numbing and hurt, mentally and physically. I have worked shifts for a few years now and it is tiring, but I enjoy it. The reason I enjoy it is because when people are going to bed we are mooching … Continue reading