The final quarter review. Jan 13 – March 13.

The Met saw criticism for ‘massaging’ crime figures for sexual assault.  Crime Figures have always been a hot potato and you know as well as I do, that certain crimes can be deemed as priority, volume or whatever, and it has been a widespread practice to ‘massage’, but there is a big difference between massaging and falsifying reports.

The Police then saw a backlash in to the failings of police investigations relating to Jimmy Savile. There were reports as early as 1963 about him which weren’t taken on or taken seriously and concerns were raised as to whether this could happen again. I believe that a lot has changed since then including attitudes towards sexual assaults and victims are more of a priority than they ever were.

Social Media came under the spotlight again with people, like myself, writing under pseudonyms, and my point is that as long as it isn’t breaching Data Protection, making any derogatory comments towards groups or individuals then I don’t really see there is an issue.  We are all entitled to an opinion, unfortunately that isn’t shared by all.

Uniform Standards also came up in a HMIC report as each force buys different equipment ranging in price and quality – why are we not buying in bulk and wearing all the same?  It would be more cost-effective and standards would be the same throughout the country.  It would be the sensible option, but hey, common sense isn’t always the option people take.

We also saw the ‘blame and claim’ culture and the officer from Norfolk Police who was suing a garage owner for tripping over a kerb when attending an incident.  This was highlighted in the media, and the Chief Constable Phil Gormley and the PCC Stephen Betts not supporting the claim and making that clear that the individual concerned was not the ‘norm’.  The argument was as to whether doing the job we do actually makes us exempt, or whether we still had the right to sue.   Was this an April Fools joke for the beginning of the new ‘financial’ year – nope – but it certainly gave plenty of food for thought.



Uniform standards.



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